(REG NO.-2017/442064/07 )

“The supplier” means SK IMPORTS PTY Ltd  (REG NO-2017/442064/07) T/A GQB Store

“The “Customer” means the signatory of this agreement, alternatively the online purchaser of the goods as concluded by the consumer on the supplier’s online store.

  1. The Customer hereby confirms and agrees that the terms and conditions herein represent the entire trading terms and conditions of the supplier, entered into by and between the supplier and the consumer.
  2. The Customer acknowledges & accepts the below stipulated Terms & Conditions buy purchasing online or in store whether informed by the sales person or not. The T’s & C’s are online and available for the customer to view.
  3. The Customer hereby acknowledges & accepts  that he/she has read and understood the terms and conditions herein, and accepts them as valid and binding, and accepts that the content hereof reflects the true meaning of both parties and this agreement has been entered into for the benefit of both the Customer and the Supplier.
  4. The Customer hereby acknowledges and accepts that he/she understands that GQB store is a supplier of outdoor leisure products for children and teens, intended for recreational and leisure purposes only by Persons of up to the recommended ages.   The Customer accepts that the goods sold by the Supplier are not intended for professional use, heavy duty use and operation, or use and operation in heavy terrain or off road areas. The Customer has been advised and acknowledges and understands that all goods have a “run in period”, during which time the goods may experience minor issues requiring adjustment and occasionally replacement of minor parts. This does not mean or imply that the goods are defective. The Customer undertakes to communicate any such issues to the supplier within 10 business days of delivery of the goods via Email. The supplier shall have a further period of up to 14  days within which to assist the Customer to resolve the issue.
  5. The Supplier recommends that the Customer selects the additional assembling and product testing option offered by the Supplier at an additional charge. It is expressly agreed and understood that where the Customer elects not to use the Supplier’s assembling and product testing service do so at their own risk. The Supplier recommends that Customers who elect not to use the supplier’s assembling and product testing service, have the goods assembled by a qualified professional person or bike shop if he/she does not know how to do so or is not qualified. New products can give minor issues even if assembled correctly and do require maintenance or adjustments due to being off-road products.
  6. If the Customer elects to assemble the product and does not PDI & or assemble the product correctly, GQB store will charge an assembly fee if applicable to check the product.
  1. Refunds ,Returns, Holding Deposits On Goods
    1. The customer has a period of 14 days from the purchase date to request a refund from the supplier.
    2. New items are subject to a 10% administration fee deducted off the purchase price . Courier fees are for the customers account .
    3. If the bike is used and in a as new sellable condition there will be a 25% fee deducted from the purchase price as the bike is deemed 2nd hand .
    4. All refunds requests need to be in writing emailed to [email protected] – subject to the following criteria supplied –
      1. Proof of Purchase or Invoice number, pictures of the goods or a video.
      2. Reason for refund .
      3. The goods shall be returned by the consumer to the supplier at the consumers own expense & risk.
      4. The goods shall be in its original packaging and  in a new or as new condition.
      5. The goods will first be inspected by the supplier to make sure all goods are in the packaging etc. This process can take up to 7 days.
      6. The supplier shall refund the Customer the full purchase price, less a fee of 10%-25% with the return of the goods if the above criteria is met.
      7. Electrical parts/spares are not refundable and can be exchanged within 14 days subject to being un-used and tested by the supplier.
      8. Once a Customer puts a holding deposit on goods this becomes a Legal and Binding agreement between the customer and the supplier. The supplier gives the customer 90 days to pay the balance as per generated invoice. Failure to do so will result in a 10% cancellation fee based on the order total. Deposits are not refundable as there are storage, admin, commission, vat implication costs involved. The supplier gives the customer a commitment that the goods will be kept aside and does not sell the stock to another paying customer.
      9. Black Friday, clearance items are not exchangeable or refundable.



        1. Liability For Goods
          1. The goods to be delivered remain at the supplier’s risk until the consumer has received delivery of them and they have been inspected provided the goods have been delivered with the Suppliers courier.
          2. If the Customer collects the goods with their own courier they must make sure the goods are insured for damages whilst in transit as the suppler can’t be held liable for damages in the case where the goods get damaged whilst in transit.
        2. Warranty Of Quality
          1. The supplier hereby warrants that the goods are of sound quality, standard and in good working order, except to the extent that the goods have been altered, damaged or assembled incorrectly by the consumer.
          2. The supplier offers no warranty on wear and tear parts. Wear and tear parts include all moving parts, such as Carburetor’s, pull starts, electric starts, brake systems, brake pads, cables, switches, batteries etc.
          3. Exchanges 
            If the customer wants to exchange the used goods within a reasonable time frame 14 days, the store would first need to inspect the goods and if they are in a sellable condition then there would be a minimum fee of up to 25% deducted off the purchase price. Assembly fees & courier fees are not refundable. If the goods are too damaged then the store would decline the exchange. This is on a case to case basis.
        3. Online Orders
          1. All purchases placed via the suppliers website, by clicking “BUY NOW” or dealing direct with the sales person via telephone or email hereby accepts the terms and conditions of the supplier as contemplated herein.
          2. The Customer accepts and acknowledges that these terms and conditions have been published on the suppliers online website, and as such, are deemed understood, accepted valid, binding and enforceable.
          3. Customers requesting to pay, shall make payment of all monies due for the purchase of the goods within 48 hours of clicking “BUY NOW”, failing which the order shall lapse and be deemed cancelled.
          4. All goods purchased if required must be assembled by a qualified bike shop or person . Even though the bikes come partly assembled they still need to go through a PDI( Pre Delivery Inspection) & cant just be assembled out the box and used . The bikes have to be PDI’d in order to operate properly.

All goods will be released once the funds have cleared in the account if done via EFT and proof of order.

11.Technical issues


  1. All technical issues need to be communicated via Email, WhatsApp, telephone from the store they were purchased at & directed to the sales person to further assist.
  2. In order to assist the consumer & resolve any issues, its best to take pictures & videos so that our technical team can better assist.
  3. Warranty parts if applicable will be supplier to the customer at the customer expense via courier if the customer cant collect. All faulty parts need to be sent back to the supplier in order to be replaced if under warranty at the customers expense .

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